The discovery of the Territory

The whole territory of the Riviera of Romagna is full of villages and towns to discover and explore, to get to know the culture and gastronomy of a land that has ancient origins.


Always famous for the beach tourism and youth and for being the birthplace of Federico Fellini, Rimini is also the city of art and culture, food and wine. There are so many things to do and see: from the roman monuments, like the Arch of Augustus, the roman Amphitheatre, the Tiberio Bridge, the medieval monuments, such as Palazzo dell'arengo and Palazzo del Podestà, and those of the renaissance era, such as The Malatesta Temple and the Malatesta Fortress. Do not forget to taste the typical products of the territory in the many restaurants, like the typical piadina with sardines, boxes stuffed, pasta with meat sauce, pork crackling and Sangiovese.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Located on the Hill of Jupiter, walking distance from Rimini, is one of the most beautiful villages of the area. Rich in historical monuments, such as the famous great Bell, the Malatesta Fortress and the Arch of Pope Clement XIV is also characterized by a real underground world, made of caves and tunnels dug by man, that were once used for food storage or refuge during sieges.

San Leo

The small village of the hinterland of rimini, is situated on the highest of the mountains of the whole Apennines, the Monte Feliciano. On the summit stands the majestic Fortress, one of the most beautiful of the military architecture of the florentine Renaissance. At the center of the country, on the contrary, overlooking the piazzetta, there are two churches: the ancient Parish church of pre-romanesque style, and the Cathedral of the lombard-romanesque style.


It stands on a hill at the beginning of the Valmarecchia area, and was the strongest of the fortified towns of the Malatesta, today still maintains intact the old atmosphere that you can live among the streets of the city centre and visiting the Church, archeological Museum and the convent of San Francesco.

San Marino

The most serene Republic of San Marino located on Mount Titano, and since 2008, in the historical center and the mount, were included in the list of world heritage of the humanity by the Unesco. Events, festivals, music, sporting competitions, cultural events are part of a series of proposals for increasingly large to do live visitors with always new emotions.


It is located on the border between Romagna and the Marche and is renowned for the beauty and the romantic charm of the Castle, but also for its historical importance. The village was one of the most important settlements of the Malatesta family, and still today you can admire the powerful equipment of war. Around the castle, all the streets are passable to allow visitors a peaceful stroll.

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